CMV: The concept of islamophobia misses the bigger problem of islam not being a religion of peace

Islam is not inherently violent. Firstly, your characterization of Muhammad as an “icon” is false. The religion of Islam does not revolve around the man as Christianity does around Jesus. He was, to Muslims, one of many prophets. Just the last to ever be. Secondly, your articulation of “waging a war” is again incorrect. The “war” I assume you are referring to is his return to Mecca and the conflicts with multiple tribes. However you fail to recognize the Muhammad didn’t “wage war” but avoided persecution and kept after the converts. The wars to expel muslims and then the backlash from the muslims upon their return was not started, nor sanctioned by Muhammad. In the same way that different sects of religions fight worldwide, the Muslim PEOPLE had conflicts with non-Muslim PEOPLE. But the tenets of the religion by no way mandated or compelled muslims to fight. In fact, during his life, Muhammad and his followers were running from persecution. Thirdly, the Quran by no means sanctions killing or violence. It is in fact something that is condemned by many interpretations. Many other interpreters have contrived definitions of the Quran, because it is a very old form of Arabic. In the same way that the KKK CALLED themselves Christian believers, the taliban CALLS themselves Muslim, but they go against many core beliefs of the religion.

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