CMV: Conservatism = Bigotry

Opposition to gay marriage was still part of the 2020 republican platform in the US

Holy shit Americans are crazy. However, it is probably worth noting that Republicans seemed to think the republican party was crazy too. I would also point to groups like Gays for Trump - this implies that there are a decent number of LGBT people actively voting against their own rights - OR that nobody actually thinks anything will be done with this particular policy point... which seemed to be the case, as it apparently existed on the 2016 platform as well.

So, I mean, I think your real world example might actually be the Republican party in practice - no steps were actually taken to limit gay marriage, even if it was technically on the platform.

It is not on the platform of the UK's Conservative party - they were the party to legalise gay marriage.

I would say look at the SDP in the UK - socially conservative, economically middle to left. Both the US Libertarian Party and the UK Libertarian Party might also be worth a look.

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