CMV: Cultural Appropriation is not an inherently bad thing; it is an integral and necessary part of the evolution and change of worldwide cultures.

I don't get to decide who gets offended and who doesn't, but it does start affecting me when all of a sudden my kid's Halloween costumes are limited to 4 choices because everyone's getting offended over everything. It is more dangerous to limit speech than to say, " well you may find it offensive but as long as they aren't interfering with your life or harassing you, get over it."

Your argument can be a slippery slope. Someone wears a cat costume and anyone in Egyptian culture in your opinion would have the right to be upset and forbid anyone from wearing it because it insults an animal they hold in high regard. What about a sailor outfit? People's families have a tradition in the Navy can complain. Pirates, nurses or doctors, "southern folk" costumes, etc. anything can be argued as offensive. With your way, we'd need to do extensive research just to pick a costume which doesn't offend but you CAN'T say "ah screw it. I want to be a sailor and if people get offended that I'm simplifying or demeaning sailor culture, they can get over it" because that's MY position. My position fixes every single problem that can arise. Oh a grown adult is peeved that a headdress is being worn by a child or a sombrero or geisha outfit? He can get over it and find better things to get worked up over.

With your way, you might as well give up Halloween because any costume can be argued as offensive even if it's by a few people. If you say "screw those few people, they get offended way too easily" you have gone against your point because that's the argument right? A small minority, hell probably the minority of minorities care about all the costume stuff and you say "don't be a dick and respect them by not wearing what they find offensive." Fair enough but how small of a population would you do that for until you just said "ah screw em"?

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