cmv: customised neopronouns are a bad idea.

Can you expand on what you mean by "took advantage" like took advantage how? Of what?

Now I'm not sure how I'll explain this without being taken out of context but I'll try my best. Gender-fluid people have been batelling this gender agenda for a really long time, and now we have seen some sort of acceptance for the use of their preferred pronouns, fortunately. The thing is, I have seen many remarks of people explaining why the use the "nounself" pronouns, saying it fits their aesthetics and character, something along those lines. I can't explain to you how directly that is a problem, it's not. The problem is if they have an expectation of everyone complying to their "aesthetics", and when they don't they get called transphobic and things like that. I know not all people who use them exactly think this way or anything remotely close, which is why I made the post, I want to see a more broad range of explanations on why a person would want this specific thing.

Well maybe it's time to try and approach someone like this with an open mind and ask them about it.

Yeah, which is why I chose reddit. A place where I can speak whats on my mind with anonymity without fearing the risk of being shat on for thinking a certain way. I'm completely open to new suggestive and diverse ways of thinking but ya know, some things can't seem to make their way through without a little push.

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