CMV: I don’t believe that gender exists, therefore I don’t accept transgenderism or gender studies as a substantiated science.

If gender is a social construct, it by definition cannot be testable, refutable or falsifiable making most of gender studies anything but an objective form of science.

This isn't true at all, social phenomena are testable. For example, you can ask in survey "are you of gender X", just like you can ask "are you a republican", "do you like pizza" and anything else.

In fact, the difference between gender and sex is itself testable, we could check people's chromosomes to assess their sex, and then ask those people "What gender do you consider yourself". If there are people for which chromosomes don't match answers to that question, that empirically shows that sex and gender identification are distinct concepts.

I think it is worth noting that one can believe these two are different without believing anything in particular about gender politics. It's just an empirical observation that sex and gender can differ. That's a conclusion based on observations of the world. Those observations can include how people act or what they say, I don't see why that means those observations are invalid.

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