CMV: I don't believe "welfare queens" exist in a meaningful amount

So, you've finally discovered the CP's entire plan. To continue to blame the poor for being poor, while taking away all systems in place to protect them. This is all under the guise that the public corporations would do better privatized while providing no proof that is true, secret here it doesn't and prices always go up and the poor suffer more.

Basically, CPs want to make it so the poor are 100% reliant on their jobs so when pay cuts are made there is little they can do but continue to work there. This then allows money to funnel upwards towards the upper management basically eliminating the entire middle class.

Don't let this inflation crisis fool you. Companies are achieving record breaking profits but turning around and saying they can't afford to pay more to their employees or reduce prices. And this is because CPs continue to make it easier and easier for companies to take advantage of their employees.

Ex) how is Freshii allowed to staff their restaurants with virtual employees who take your orders from Argentina or some other place in South America for 3$ an hour. Why are they not required to hire local people to stimulate the local economy? Instead offshore employees getting paid peanuts to support people ordering garbage food.

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