CMV: I don't feel guilty about watching ISIS videos

ISIS fighter attacks alone a group of soldiers and think he's 'brave' but you don't realise they gave him drugs

The "ISIS used captagon" thing is highly exaggerated. It was found on a few soldiers who were using it against official orders. To say all of them use it is like saying everyone in the marines uses heroin - sure, you can probably find a few that do, but they are the exception rather than the rule, and it is against official policy.

or that it's staged and the other soldiers were already dead

I wouldn't say so, most of the videos are verifiable real. They have unfakeable parts, like enemy soldiers being shot and enemy vehicles being destroyed. They have been verified many times when their enemies release their own videos of the events, or confirm in statements that the videos are real.

but you don't see the videos of them attacking old women

They don't really kill civilians, especially women. They will absolutely force them into slavery, but generally they don't have a reason to kill them.

And people who carry out suicide attacks to kills innocent people are just brainwashed fanatical people who have lost sense of their life. This is not brave: this is a stupid and pathetic

Why is it not brave? Just because you disagree with their cause? Bottom line is they are giving everything because they believe in a cause so much. Many of them are scared or hesitant before doing it, but they do it because they care that much.

If a American soldier jumps on a grenade to save his comrades, he is a hero, but if a ISIS soldier does a suicide attack, he is a coward. I never understood this double standard.

However you must not forget how abject their action and ideologies are: like you can try to understand why some teenager went into his school and shoot at innocent people, you must not forget that under no circumstances this is justifiable. ISIS is killing innocent people on purpose AND is proud of it: this is not right and not excusable.

But they are only evil from our point of view, and those people are only innocent from our point of view. To ISIS we are just as objectionable and evil. Who is to say which of us is right? There is no objective morality. There are just different opinions. I think both are valid.

Bottom line is I don't see how me watching their videos hurts anyone. I'm not a muslim, so I have no intent of joining. Sure, they can show me their side, but that isn't going to hurt anyone.

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