CMV: Europe is better off European and multiculturalism is not necessary.

Aren't the cultures I presented worth preserving?

I don't want to get into the whole thing, I'm just passing by for the discussion. Though, I do want to say this.

  1. You cannot control what is preserved

  2. Change is inevitable and necessary.

What really annoys me about people who think this way is that they think that their culture is somehow pure and uncorrupted but if you look closely you'll see that all cultures are a mishmash of other cultures. This is because as states grow and conquer new lands it assimilates that culture. A good example of this is how a lot of Roman gods are just a rebranding of ancient Greek gods. What makes you think European culture is an exception to this?

If you shut some people out for being impure then you'll look within and find more impurity. You'll continue to do this until you've just built a huge wall around yourself, it's pathetic and cowardly. The reason why God could not expel the snake from the garden of Eden is because it's an impossible task even for God and attempting to do this shows you have little understanding of the culture you're trying to naively protect! Your path leads to nothing but isolation and fear.

Furthermore, when cultures are combined you have the opportunity to create a 3rd and more powerful one by taking the best of both into account. This evolution over thousands of years is what yielded Christianity in the first place! The reason why it's this powerhouse is because it has undergone this change.

Also, what makes you think that those who we take in remain pure as well? That they don't become "corrupted" somewhat by western society? Is western society so weak that those who chose to come here can so easily contend to ignore it especially when it underpins our code of law? Is that how little faith you have in your culture?

I'll admit that there are problems with taking in immigrants. If they are not integrated properly then the generations that they spawn have no cultural identity which leads them to turn to things like ISIS as we have seen with the Manchester bombings. It's not Islam that's the problem, it's how we take these people in. That might mean that we need to take fewer in until we learn to make sure that they don't become violent down the line.

(But then again, what makes you think that natives are so innocent? Because they're not, we all commit crime and to point the finger at just one culture is so childishly self-unaware that it's comical.)

Overall, the people who hold views like this have absolutely not thought this through and have no idea what they're trying to protect.

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