CMV: "Eviction Moratoriums" are unconstitutional, immoral, and a blatant example of leftist abuse of power

It's a good question actually, one I've thought about a lot. I used to be a hardcore libertarian, but more and more I'm disgusted with anyone talking about "rights." It's always "rights, rights, rights" and never about responsibilities to your Nation and Folk.

They use "free speech" to defend everyone spouting communist, pro-black stuff, but then also use "free speech" to defend everyone trying to HURT people for espousing right-wing views (freedom of tech companies to censor, freedom of companies to fire, freedom to shame and endanger peoople's lives on social media doxxing, etc).

I do care about freedoms but if the left wants to not play by the rules then I'm done playing by them. I consider leftism a "clear and present danger" to modern civilization, and there shouldn't be any ideology, law, constitutional provision, or moral code that gets in our way of destroying it.

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