cmv: Evolution isn’t an hypothesis

Evolution is a theory, an explanation of the functioning of the natural world supported by scientific evidence. As other commenters have pointed out, science doesn't really prove anything. Evolution is admittedly not an hypothesis but it is an active (and massive) field of research in which the many scientists and students have hypotheses on different mechanisms and facets of how evolution works. Evolution has given us powerful understandings of the natural world, but it would be incorrect to claim we understand everything about it.

With all of the scientific evidence out there, I dare you, change my view on this subject.

Can you elaborate on why you want your view changed? I'm always a bit cautious when the request for help changing a view comes with an "I dare you" bundled in to it.

Of course, each time, my jaw dropped and I didn’t want to offend someone so uneducated and I just named a couple examples of evolution and smiled said I believed in evolution and let them be lol. These people kinda scare me tbh...

This is not a helpful way to engage in scientific communication. Laughing at and insulting people might make us feel good, but it won't help us understand how they came to their view and it won't make them more receptive to considering the evidence that supports yours.

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