CMV: The F-35 is the modern day equivalent of the Maginot Line and should be Canceled.

What exactly do you think was the problem with the Maginot Line? I think there are cases pro- and con-cancelling the program, but you are basing your judgment entirely on an analogy, the substance of which isn't at all clear.

For example, just to suggest some of the complications: there are at least three different versions you can give of "why the Maginot line was a Very Bad Thing". One was that it only covered one section of the frontier, and it should have been extended to the Channel. A second was that it committed the French strategically to defending a particular line, when they should have had a doctrine of maneuver. A third was that, as a matter of budget priorities, the Maginot Line was the least effective asset, franc for franc, in the French arsenal.

Each of these suggests a possible critique of the F-35 program, but a very specific critique. And it's not clear that your details defend any version of the analogy.

By the way, with respect to your thoughts on the F-35 vs drones, you might enjoy Geschenkeron's Economic Backwardness in Comparative Perspective. The tl;dr version is that for all large society-level investments, the point at which fixed-costs investment in a new project begin, the point at which they begin to start paying off, and the point at which the benefits have justified the initial investment, are spaced out in time such that countries and regions tend to leapfrog each other technologically; for example, the cities with the first subways and highways were rich, forward-looking cities, but then when a second-generation of subway/highway technology and techniques became available (partly because of experimentation during the first generation!) these cities were already committed to old subways and couldn't justify replacing them yet.

So the point is that observing that a project which has a large initial investment becomes out-of-date just a year after you start the initial investment, and becomes more and more out-of-date (relative to new projects) as time goes on proves nothing. If you canceled the F35 to start a new project, ... well, by the time that project got under way, it would be outdated too.

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