CMV: We have gotten to the point where "resisting an officer" shouldn't be a crime.

I hope not. Because this is now, among other things, an international credibility issue. China loves this shit, especially. It gives us no leg to stand on regarding their genocide of a minority when they can point and say, "We saw your police kill a black man and walk away unpunished. You have no right to say anything about us." And... they'd be right.

Oh, and the black community, it would be the absolute last straw for a lot of them. There would be ugly consequences.

You're using 'reasonable doubt' like a holy mantra; a phrase the courts themselves don't always abide by. I know that in most cases, with this level of evidence, it wouldn't usually even make it to trial. If those officers get off, it would be evidence to a lot of people that our court system will protect the police even in the face of OVERWHELMING evidence. This, I repeat, is not like all the other cases where police get off murdering people - the world is watching this one. And the ramifications of that, of a 'not guilty', I can't even bear to think of.

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