CMV: Hate Speech doesn’t exists in America

I’m saying it doesn’t exist. For instance, let’s say we say that the N word is categorized as hate speech. What else is categorized as hate speech? Who determines what falls under hate speech and what doesn’t? Obviously it’s not illegal, but there’s no legit system to identify what is hate speech and what isn’t. It’s more so just if people say it’s hate speech then it is, and I don’t think that’s the proper way to allow society to adapt to such a thing. Don’t you think I’d hate speech was really a thing, I’d have some type of source that shows me every single thing in existence that’s considered to be hate speech? Not only for me, but for America to be aware of. Because what’s happening is, people are saying things considered be hateful speech, when they have no clue what’s considered to be hateful speech. I don’t feel like it truly exists, I just feel like it’s people saying what they feel offends them and that’s again fine.

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