CMV: If employers expect a two week notice when employees quit, they should give the same courtesy in return when firing someone.

I was.fired.from a convenience store for missing shifts and putting the "be back in 20 minutes - stocking milk", so me and my stoner pals could play whiffle ball in their huge empty basement. My boss told me he was letting me go, but needed me to work the remaining days on my schedule (4 or five shifts). Every night, I'd pack cartons of cigs, big counter boxes of slim jims, deli meat, paperback books, etc. Into a large trash bag and put it in the dumpster. My friend who relieved me at the end of the shift would get the bag out and pit it in my car, and we'd divvy everything up when he got home. Did this for 4 shifts, but not the last one. At the end of my last shift, l put out the garbage as usual and voila my boss is standing by the dumpster, thinking he caught me in the act. I acted all hurt like how could he think I'd do something like that. Yes, l was a shitty teenager.

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