CMV: If you were having fun in school and not getting the best grades, then it is your fault if you are having trouble finding work

By and large, I agree with most of your views, though I would have expressed them with slightly less bias.

I would however ask you to reconsider the validity of grades, and its correlation to effort. I've gotten many 4.0s simply because i had superior access to resources and beaten out harder working students. The most interesting thing I've learnt is that generally, there are two types of students. The first class consists of students that do all the readings, hand-ins, participate etc., generally quite bright. The really clever students are the ones who game the system and often achieve similar results with very little work.

This brings me to another point, luck. I think it plays a far bigger role than most would care to admit. Again speaking anecdotally, I've gotten into prestigious EC societies because I happened to go to the same academically selective high school as the interviewer. Had I interviewed on another date, perhaps I would not have reaped the direct and ensuing benefits of that program. My point is that hard work certainly plays a role, but you shouldn't discount the fact that external circumstances out of your control have likely benefited you at some point or another.

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