CMV: I'm concerned about the safety of the covid vaccine, and do not plan on getting it

Okay, went back and read the study. It wasn't unreadable when I took my time with it. It does say there's a higher risk of blood clots with covid. Noting that out of 20 of those blood clot cases, 8 of them had already had blood clots before, prior to covid. Also found this article discussing the study and you can see some comments on its limitations.

Regardless, there was enough concern over the vaccines to pull them. I'm not sure I want to go out of my way to take one of those when I'm a healthy young woman who's chance of getting severe covid is small to begin with and I've been fine for over a year now despite many opportunities for exposure.

I just want to hear a variety of opinions and I do think I'm capable of parsing through them. But I'm not sure I follow your argument even if we said I wasn't.

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