CMV: I'm Starting To Resent Women B/C I Feel Like They Find Me Unattractive Due To My Skin

Even on the worst case assumption that you're worried about, bitterness isn't justified, because it implies that you are being denied something you are entitled to.

But nobody is entitled to love, affection, or sex from anyone else. That sense of entitlement is dangerous. It's how you end up in incel or some other misogynistic territory. Women owe you nothing.

So first, get comfortable with being single, understand life can be fine single, and understand that inevitably many women will not be physically attracted to you (which is their right), and that's okay.

Next, analyze whether your skin color is really an issue with dating in your city. If it is, then you have to either move to a better dating scene or accept the crappy scene as a tradeoff (which means you own your choice and give up the right to complain or be bitter). If it's not, then that's one less thing to worry about. (Dating will be hard regardless, of course.)

As a bizarre and paradoxical benefit to the above advice, if you internalize it, dating might actually become easier for you. You'll be more accepting about the challenges, and any jaded/bitter vibes (which women can sense easily) will be reduced or eliminated. You will avoid the negative feedback loop.

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