CMV: It's immoral to choose not to help someone if you possess the means to

A rich man opens the paper one day. He sees the world is full of misery. He says, “I have money! I can help.” So he gives away all of his money. But it’s not enough. The people are still suffering.

One day the man sees another article. He decides he was foolish to think just giving money was enough. So he goes to a doctor and says,”I want to give away my kidney.” The doctor do the surgery. It’s a complete success. After he knows he should feel good but he doesn’t for people are still suffering.

So he goes back to the doctor. He says, “Doctor, this time I want to give it all.” The doctor says, “What does that mean? Give it all?”

“This time I want to donate my liver. Not just my liver. I want to donate my heart. Not just my heart. I want to donate my corneas. But not just my corneas. I want to give it all away. Everything I am. All that I have.”

“Kidney is one thing. But you cannot give your whole body piece by piece. That is suicide!” Then he sends the man home.

But the man cannot live. Knowing that people are suffering and he could help . So he gives the one thing he has left. His life.

Only a fool thinks he can solve the world’s problems.

But you gotta try, don’t you?

- Fargo

There is a line, you can give too much.

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