CMV: Internally I will always see trans women as men

But couldn’t you argue the same thing for women? That including trans women as women is demeaning and derogatory towards women especially since historically women were seen as “the other sex”. And we have been making strides for equity. Trans women focus on the idea of “passing”, which makes it all about how they look. Objectification—Women have been trying to get away from this stigma—that being a women is all superficial. But trans women reinforce that idea that it is.

I think that is an issue that people do not often discuss. It’s not about how you look, it’s deeper than that. How do historically women identity themselves? Most women identify with a collective identity that aligns with their sex. It’s not a personal identity, but a collective one of womanhood. But now people are telling them how they view themselves is wrong and that their definition doesn’t align with this shifting ideology. In that case, won’t that cause a gender identity crisis? Their identity of women is no longer valid, and womanhood is rejected. That is the push back. That is the argument. It makes being a women meaningless, which destroys their identity. An identity we are fighting for because we are not seen as equal.

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