CMV: The Israel/Palestine conflict can no longer be solved peacefully.

I'm assuming that eviction of Palestinians from Gaza/West Bank would likely be violent or forced because my impression is that most of them don't want to abandon what they view as their homeland, no matter how miserable the situation has become. Am I mistaken about this?

That's an assumption, but it's not the only way. They could decide to move to Jordan or they could become assimilated in Israel or they could go anywhere else. As long as it's not a country taking military action against them or anyone else, that would count as a "peaceful" solution for most people.

There's lots of bad situations for lots of people all around the world. There are lots of situations that will inevitably lead to some violence and misery. But I think the first goal people are after is making sure that those bad situations don't engulf the region in war, and that means making sure that countries don't start taking military action against each other.

If the view you're really trying to describe is one in which there's no violence or no misery, then I'd say you should try to describe it in a different way. Because I think almost everyone agrees that's inevitable, so almost no one is going to try and change your mind about that.

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