CMV: Learning is super fun and if you don’t find it interesting you’re probably not paying attention.

Dont be an asshole to someone who may have already tried to get help, only to discover that, in large, many doctors do not care nor are they well equipped to help with something like this.

I have the same issues with the introduction of new information. My professional apprenticeship took 3x as long as average and felt like it nearly killed me. I was able to overcome and succeed for a while.

As time went on the amount of energy and resources ot took to synthesize new information increased and I couldn't do it any more. It's so severe that even reading too much reddit, watching a complex movie, or conversations about unfamiliar subject matters would level me for days.

This is an actual learning disability and regular medication doesnt affect it. Migraines caused by the malformed neuro pathways associated with this particular condition do not respond to the medications or treatments available and, at my worst, I've had to stay several days in the hospital and near complete sedation to get some relief.

This condition caused tons of problems growing up and made school nearly impossible. I would miss at least 1/3 of the days.

There is no treatment and the common therapies are useless. It all has to do with complex communication needs, the inability to synthesize information and problems with the nerves that get triggered into a phantom-like pain response. There is literally zero effective medical interventions, aside from sedation when it's too overwhelming.

The big fancy doctors advice (I sought out the best and most specialized practitioners in the field)....dont or limit the amount of new information you short stop learning.

So, to be clear, you think disabled people who dont get better because there isnt fuck all doctors can do for them should continue to hound doctors like it will matter and worse yet take the stance that if they choose not to see a dr, for something 5 minutes and a google search will tell you has NO options medically speaking.

You should go on over to r/wheelchairs and make sure they all know that they should start hounding drs for fixes that dont exist and that the only reason they cant walk is because they are failing to seek medical attention. Lol.

So ya, the commenter was right, kind of. It's not that all drs dont care, it's just that they cant spend time concerning themselves with something that doesnt have treatment options or a cure.

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