CMV: Makiyah Bryant's shooting was justified, and using it as an example of "police brutality" makes the BLM movement look bad.

I think it's important to note the difference between a knife and gun. Close range attack with a gun and your almost certain to die, just think of the force a gun generates, let alone multiple shots. A kitchen knife has the force of the weilder, you can block the knife with your arms, you can still get away, you can pick up something and defend yourself. Makiyah Bryant wasn't a combat expert, we can't say she was deadly with a knife. Would the victim have died if she was struck with the knife in that moment? Harmed, ofcourse but dead? Could the taser have been used? He could of ran up and hit her in the head with baton. Was sitting here all her could have done? If not, how do we make she unnecessary death is avoided?

In my opinion this is a hard situation to judge and I don't have all the info, I only saw the video. But! This is a good time to look at the UK police. Knife violence is big in the UK because they can't get guns like we can. This means their cops are probably trained to deal with these situation. What would they do? What have they done?

This doesn't make the BLM movement look bad because BLM isn't anything new. Every minority group has been fighting for equatiable treatment in the US since it's conception and BLM is just a continuation of that fight. It's wrong to point out one case and say BLM looks bad. Do you know how many cases have been unjust, racist, and brutal? They start at the begging of US history and they still haven't stopped. What really gets me it's cases like George Floyd, Breanna Taylor, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, and more. There's no excuse. But then we have these mass shootings and the killers live and sometime even gets a burger afterwards. One case doesn't make black people matter less.

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