CMV: Men who are inexperienced with relationships/sex should just lie about it

Frame it this way. Really think about how people are. They all have agendas and act in their interest without shame. Think about this world and ask yourself. Are you hurting them? No? Then Fuck it this jus a regular human. Do they deserve your honesty? Are they honest people? Keep this mentality when it comes to business and relationships. Male or female don’t matter.

You get one life. And no other human will ever understand where you’re coming from, so don’t internalize other people’s values. Don’t waste time feeling shame from other people’s standards/morality. Rather use the cards you’re dealt to strategically get what you want and need out of life. As long as you don’t compromise your own values, then life is just a game.

But really meditate about what you truly value and why. Your values might not be values at all, but something imposed on you by others.

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