CMV: the mind is an intrinsic property of the body. The concept of an "afterlife" in religion is based on the belief that the mind is separate from the body. Since the mind is a property of the body, and is not separate from it, then this renders the concept of an "Afterlife", and religion, invalid.

I'm not a OP, but I'm interested in your opinion about my view, if you don't mind answering! :)

Then you believe what makes it you is something other than the physical arrangement atoms that comprise your brain.

Yes, I believe that something is "the objects/parts/matter that form it in a direct relationship in the line of time."

For example, a boat is a boat with all the pieces that make up that boat. If you remove one piece and replace it with another, it would still be the same boat because the set of pieces still relate in the same timeline, interacting with each other. However, if you make an exact identical copy of this same boat in another location, it is not the same boat because the matter of which this new boat is made up does not relate to the original matter of the previous boat in the same timeline.

They are "the same thing," but aren't "the same entity".

It is worth saying that, using that classic example, if you gradually remove all the parts from the first boat, gradually replace each one, and then take all the discarded parts and make the "original" boat somewhere, I believe that the rebuilt boat would be a new entity and the boat that remained is the "same boat". This is because the reconstructed boat ceased to be a "boat" during this process, while the former kept its identity in its timeline.

If the body isn’t identical, why do you expect the mind won’t be?

I actually believe that the mind would be identical, but I also believe that it would be a new instance of the same mind. In the same way you can have an exact duplicate of a HD running the exact same programs in a totally indistinguishable way, but the two instances are clearly different processes - they exist in different moments, places and timelines.

Or as I said, they are the same thing but not the same entity.

Would this violate the "physical monism" as you've said it?

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