CMV: The modern remakes of older Disney movies (the new or upcoming Beauty and the Beast, Jungle Book, Lion King, Aladdin, Mulan, etc.) have never been exciting or good or hype-worthy and reflect a complete bankruptcy of creativity as well as a sickening, cynical and blatant greed on Disney’s part

I homestly dont think anyone is going to change your view or mind. I agree with what youve posted pretty mimuch 100%. It is Disney strumming the nostalgia strings of noatalgia for an entire generation of kids who are grown up and have kids of their own that are now the same ages as they were when the original masterpieces came out. Its 100% a cash grab with the flair of ohh wow look how good CGI animation has gotten.

My two cents is the last six or seven years is reboots and hamfisted sequals are making lots of money. Its proof that people will overlook originality and lack of new great original work if the roobot/sequal film makes them feel nostalgic.

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