CMV: Money is everything and the solution to all of lifes problems

For every problem you solve with money, you get at least two new ones.

Money will attract a mate, will it? So it’s true love that you're after? Okay, so what are you going to do, marry a nice poor person? Let’s call that Option 1. You’ll never know for sure if they’re a gold-digger who secretly doesn’t care if you live or die (except possibly preferring that you die) unless, that is, you luck out and discover the affirmative, at which point you can stop wondering. Prenuptial agreement? Still won’t protect all your assets in the event of a divorce, much less your emotional well-being, and even if it lasts, you’ll always have to wonder if they stayed simply for the convenient lifestyle. Are you going to concoct an elaborate ruse and pretend you’re poor until after the marriage and then surprise them with your hidden riches? Not honest: You’re doomed.

Option 2 is you can marry someone who is also rich like you. But then, you still wouldn’t really know if they love you for you or if they just wanted someone in a similar situation as them, but they honestly wouldn’t give you the time of day if you were poor. In other words, they’re still marrying you for your money. Same problem as option 1.

Option 3 is you could marry up, but then you’d always know that they’re having all doubts covered in option 1, about you. You want to look into someone else’s eyes and see the look of a person who’s wondering whether or not you married them just for their money? That’s probably the worst scenario of all.

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