cmv: More support should be offered to those closely associated with sufferers of mental health issues.

Growing up with a parent with several sever mental health issues, I agree. I was offered the services of a councillor when I was a minor but only during the times my parent was committed in their full time care facilities. When she was at home, I was not able to access the services. What they don’t/didn’t understand (maybe they did but hands were tied?) is that when she was in their care, I was calm, I was alright, I could live my life because I knew she was in the best place for her and I could sleep easier at night - it’s the lack of services when she was home, when things could go wrong, when I would worry about waking up to a suicide, or searching the air vents for hidden pill bottles, or coming home from school to a burnt down house, etc etc that those were the times I really needed to talk to someone. To the people who are arguing it may be a deterrent for the person to seek help, maybe it is because they are scared of losing their children, but I was lucky enough to have a two-parent household so that was never a concern for any agency regarding my care - if anything, it was helpful in convincing my parent to go to these facilities - even at her worst, she would have done anything for her children and if voluntarily committing herself to the “brain spa” meant that she and others could get help then it was something she was willing to do. I think the biggest opposition you’re receiving is for the “investigations” - I don’t think it should be mandatory, but definitely should be available as a voluntary service.

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