CMV: Most Jordan Peterson criticism is based on misinterpreting and/or misunderstanding him

Not sure how this relates to what I wrote.

As for enforced monogamy, it's a sociological term I learned many years ago, in reference to norms observed in cultures where monogamy is predominant, that maintains it. There's no reason for him to have used it sarcastically. It was his response to one potential way by which the problem of incels might have been handled in the past. Where there's enforced monogamy, the paired-up people would technically exit the dating pool, so the singles could pair up together. Where monogamy isn't valued in the same way, repeat players can come in and scoop up the fish.

My only point was to say the term isn't loaded for those in the know, as it appeared to be to the critics who assumed it was some pronouncement of some legal stance that should be taken to force monogamy on unwilling people.

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