CMV: I think my 'diversity backlash' around the new Lord of the Rings is less about skin color and more about seeing modern politics get injected into a fantasy story.

Black people are overrepresented in media created in the last 4 years. Why don't studios focus on creating a show with African/Black culture since they want this representation so bad? It would even help with the regurgitation of content that has been happening everywhere. It would be new and authentic. LOTR was written with the spirit of England and Nordic countries in mind, just like the Witcher was made with a Polish/Slavic culture where skin color did matter. Was there a focus on Polish actors though? Did the video producers try to cast people from those cultures? Fuck no they didn't. Is it happening again? Yup, and it's annoying and clearly political. I'm glad black actors are getting a chance to succeed, but the way this has happened is annoying. Why not choose new stories? Why does it have to be this one?

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