CMV: The NFL Should Televise Replay Reviews

You get the hear the real reasoning for a call, and not just the reason they want to tell you. You can hear if refs disagree on it.

Do you? Or do you suppress dissent and disagreement to the detriment of the review? It seems to me that I'm much more inclined to disagree with my colleagues in private. I imagine that's nearly universal. 'Behind the scenes', I have no problem saying to a colleague or colleagues that I think they're possibly wrong. In public, however, there's a degree to which we're a team and, moreover, I don't want to say someone's wrong if I myself am not sure. You require a higher degree of confidence to call someone wrong in front of an audience of millions.

And it's not just teamwork, it's also self-interest. Like if you think the play was out of bounds, and four other refs think it was in bounds, most likely you're wrong right? Now, in private, you might be fine with being wrong and therefore quicker to say "I don't know, guys, looks out to me, let's look again". Whereas if you know you're on TV to an audience of millions, who wants to be wrong alone? Isn't one more likely to think "I thought it was out, but it's 4:1 and they seem sure, I'll just keep quiet, if we're wrong we're wrong together in any event"? I think so.

You get to see the angles that the refs see.

I do agree with this part, by the way.

But I think deliberations should remain private and making them public stifles dissent.

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