CMV: Not accepting a lot of asylum seekers doesn't have to be inhumane or immoral

Sure, I never stated that this is only beneficial. There are definitely a few possible downsides. My point is, usually when we try to associate morality, we have to compare pros to cons. It seems like the pros outweigh the cons, not that they don't exist.

Further, you can contribute to the local economy, at the very least, even if you don't speak the language. It really comes down to perspective and circumstance, which is not at a fixed stance, especially since there are still cons to anything. It's just a question of which outweighs, since it is a nuanced question. From how I see, that's usually what is used to determine whether it would be immoral, even though it is still relative.

I wanted to make sure I included these points, since as I stated before, often times when we try to associate the premise of morality, their is comparison and contract to such pros and cons.

For why they are trying to curb it, it's kind of difficult to get through all of the issues. Most likely an emphasis on the cons, such as increased pressure on services, with disregard or less weight applied to the pros. Once again, it's still a nuanced issue nonetheless. The thing though, it is that it has still been observed to greatly benefit the US.

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