CMV: I find nothing wrong with being attracted to sexually aware teenagers.

difference between a teen and adult the relationship is inherently predatory, even if it doesn't appear or seem so.

That's a huge assumption, you even stated yourself that it might not appear or seem to be that way. In cases where it could be argued that it is predatory that would be illegal and fall under position of power laws wouldn't it? I think there's lots of situations where the teen is actually the predator and seduces a man or woman. In general, I think your statement is too generalized to be law.

The root of the issue is that due to the immature state of the teen they cannot give consent because they aren't fully cognizant of what that entails regardless of what they know intellectually.

Immature state of the teen? There are lots of teenagers that are very mature, and in other countries I have heard that they treat teenagers with more respect and maturity than in the U.S (I specifically heard Germany treats teens with a lot of respect). The idea that a 16 year isn't fully matured is ridiculous to me. I feel at 16, if you make a mistake you shouldn't be treated like a child. This attitude can enable them to commit crimes because they feel they can't be punished for them I know people who shop lifted when they were 16-17 because they had the mindset that if they got caught nothing could happen. My mom got her own apartment at 16 and lived on her own, working part time at a nursing home. The idea that a 16 year old could drive a car, have their own place, but be too immature to have sex is ridiculous.

It's sort of a way of saying that even when it's mutual, the minor is being taken advantage of because it cannot be mutual due to the differences in maturation.

Again it's another assumption. Assumptions and laws just shouldn't mix. If you can prove in certain scenarios that it wasn't mutual, or the adult was in a position of power.. Then I certainly agree it should be illegal. Again, I think sex in that scenario should also be illegal between adults too. But regretting a decision certainly shouldn't be illegal of course.

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