CMV:It's OK to buy and enjoy Stars Wars BF2.

I’d give the game a 24 month lifespan before Battlefront 3 is released. I’m not opposed to paying for new content during that time if they want to release expansions or new content over the game’s lifetime, but let’s not pretend this game intends to continue with compelling content past 16-20 months before a new version is announced for another $60.

It is entirely possible, though they have announced that all expansions will be free this time around (they want to avoid fracturing the playerbase like they did with Battlefront I)

I’m not sure what game you are playing. Most of the preview videos posted by reviewers, critics, and streamers have criticized and demonstrated that the microtransactions for allow them to significantly improve their class or ships’ combat skills at a rapid pace versus waiting to collect in game credits to slowly upgrade.

As I said, I played the beta, for a solid couple days. That wasn't the full game, as I noted, but my experience of Star Cards was that they were generally irrelevant and the only ones that had a real effect on my gameplay were ones that replaced powers I didn't use with ones that I did.

Regardless I don’t think you’re going to understand the issue the majority of gamers and industry experts seem to have with this game and the systems they are implementing. It has severe ramifications for game design in future titles by encouraging pay walls for game progression.

I fully understand. I just think that it has been blown massively out of proportion. People have complained about Pay to Play for YEARS. Every game that does it is destined to be ruined by micro-transactions. Then the game actually comes and they aren't. Remember the Shadow of War shitstorm less than a month ago? Massive anger over loot crates pretty much died immediately on release because the loot crates wound up not mattering at all.

If people wanted to discuss the problems with the system, I agree there are problems. My problem with it is the perpetual drama like every last game is going to be ruined by these things which winds up amounting to nothing. When and if a game is completely ruined by micro-transactions, no one will even notice because the drama is so over the top in ones where it winds up not mattering.

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