CMV: Prisoners should not have the luxuries they do...that is why your in prison

This exists. As another answer pointed out, there's a difference between minimum, medium, maximum and "super-max" prisons. There is a massive disparity between the standards of ADX Florence (where people like the Unabomber are housed) where you are inside a concrete room for 23 hours a day, and a low security prison like Bryan FPC.

The problem is that the vast majority of maximum security prisoners aren't Hannibal Leckter or Richard Reid, they're in prison for, surprise, surprise, drug offenses.

Legislation like the Rockefeller Laws and the Clinton 3 Strikes initiative has meant that hundreds of thousands of young men have ended up in Maximum Security prisons for possession of, for example, crack cocaine. (Thankfully this has ended kinda). So you end up with a bunch of 18/19/20 year old kids selling drugs and getting shipped to the "Supermax" prisons like Attica in NY or Marion in Illinois, initially designed to just hold the worst of the worst.

Does this experience make them repent, come to Jesus and stop their criminal ways? Sometimes. But the most likely scenario is you have a bunch of young men in an incredibly violent environment with no way of re-adjusting to the outside world - especially bearing in mind that their outside social support system tends to be non-existent. So they get out, do the same because fuck it, there's nothing else, and end up getting shipped back to maximum security. Prisons in the US aren't just prisons anymore. They're revolving doors for young, low-income drug offenders.

Additionally the idea of solitary confinement - which is pretty much the idea of living "by different standards" that you mentioned - has become another entangled shitshow. It was originally designed to house the worst of the worst, but has devolved into a punishment for all sorts of offenses within the prison. Get in a fight? Put him in solitary. Use abusive language? Solitary. With the end result that you end up with a shockingly high number of inmates who develop mental illness within the solitary confinement system

The emptiness that pervades solitary-confinement units “has led some prisoners into a profound level of what might be called ‘ontological insecurity,’ ” Haney, who worked as a principal researcher on the Stanford Prison Experiment while in graduate school, told the senators. “They are not sure that they exist and, if they do, exactly who they are.”

TL;DR: You think that prison should have special, different standards for especially bad prisoners. Fair. I wouldn't want the Aryan Brotherhood strolling around a minimum security learning how to play the guitar either. But these maximum security units that you seem to long for have become an incredibly expensive, and ineffective, way of keeping non-violent drug offenders from rehabilitating, and further destabilizing young, mentally vulnerable inmates. It makes them worse, not better

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