CMV: Prisons should function as quarantine instead of punishment

  1. Normally, people are talking about raising prison time for actual messed up criminals, and that is understandable, since releasing them in public would do more damage than good.
  2. Though, the issue is that some people find the increased jail time too harsh, and don't want that change at all. If prisons function as quarantining criminals, then it would work much better, since you can quarantine dangerous criminals, without really punishing them. So, if prisons function as quarantine, raising prison time would always be a good idea.
  3. Change my view, and tell me why prisons should function to punish crimes, instead of quarantining them, to protect both society and criminals.

  1. Define actual messed up criminals. What's your scale? Releasing them in public would do more damage than good. Without a scale, I have no idea what is being released into the public.
  2. I'm not sure if increased jail time is the issue so much as the inhumane ways that prisoners are routinely treated in the US prison system. I'm having a hard time understanding your idea of quarantine vs what the prison system already is on paper.
  3. Crimes are just arbitrary rules passed by legislatures, lobbyists, and corporations, to outlaw behavior that they don't find becoming of whatever current version of society they find to be pleasurable is the winning ideal. Also, we kind of just invent laws to punish minorities and have been doing that for hundreds of thousands of years.

Expand on your idea and CMV that it's not just racially-motivated, economically driven, or basically the same with some extra steps as what we already have but probably worse.

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