CMV: Protesters who choose violence in a democracy like France right now or violent BLM protestors are scum by default and their voting rights should be taken after multiple incidents. There is no excuse for violent protests in a democracy.

Your original post is calling BLM a violent protest, and a few comments ago you even said a majority of BLM protestors are violent. I gave you data to prove that isn't true, and that a VAST majority of BLM protests were not at all violent. You are continuing to make claims that there was "much violence" without any actual data to back it up.

If you truly are only concerned about "violent" protests, why name BLM at all? Why not name alt-right protests, or Trump rallies, or just not name any specific group at all? The facts show that by no stretch of the definition could BLM be characterized as a violent movement, unless you're cherry picking specific instances and using that to confirm a view you already wanted to believe.

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