CMV: Pursuing/sustaining a partner is an inferior way to spend your resources

∆ ok, so, a lifepartner is great because you get kimochi feelings, you get support, you get the overwhelming joy of seeing your children grow up. At that point money and other resources dont matter because you are fulfilled as a person in every way. The little things that are bad like screaming and stinky diapers, or that your wife doesnt wipe enough are just negligible. You may be predetermined to choose this path, but that doesnt take away from your rationality as a person, because, in the end you pursue what feels good. And whether those feelings are, in the end, "logical" or "illogical", doesnt matter. Its just as i/llogical to fulfill another base need.

Well, i cant accept that.

You like to equate the will to live and the will to reproduce, which is ok maybe, in the evolutionary sence. But taking that an individual may choose a way of life that wasnt predetermined ( and now oyu say, that i cant say that; because all the feelings are evolutionary and you cant discriminate between them.) Now we come to the part about the gravity of monkey will, vs rational will. Even if you say that they are the same because we have impulses to to stuff, and thats set in stone (like , thou shalt enjoy sex, and thou shalt enjoy sugar). And remember, the goal is the same. to get good feelings. So thats the motivator "to get good feelings". Some good feelings can be gotten by living your life, other good feelings can be gotten by other means(here i go with the drugs again, and prostste massager, and magic pill). The thing is, that, in the body, it seems set that the kimochi reward for procreating is great indeed, and to achieve that, the person will go through all kinds of heartbrake and courting and endavours to succeeed in spreading his seed. The level of monkey is very high. Now, with other things, like physical stimulation and stuff, the monkey level is also high, but(ok, i wont say anymore that the cost is less than caring for a family, because you people will tell me that individual and stuff [i made a point before with a broke working man working himself to death for his family, when he could be drinking beer and jerking off and be as happy, or happier]) it wont actively drive you to do things that you wouldnt do otherwise, and be preocupied with it (you jerk it and you never think about it untill tomorrow). Now, everything else has a lower level of monkey, it also gives a certain amount of good feeling, but you rationally choose between them. Its like a pyramid, with 100% monkey at top, Tarzan living in jungle and doing all that he does. The lower levels give more different varieties of satisfaction and lower levels of monkeyness. the further you are from the top, the more you are a rational being, and your actions, even though maybe stemming form the same place as monkeys are more refined and objectively better for you (like if a third person dog saw you buying a rubber duck and thinking, "aww, yea, that will sure give him 5 units of pleasure per day for 5 years). When if he saw him taking a girl on a date, he would think: "oh, boy, tossing away money for a chance to spread your seed, how pathetic, and then 50% chance that she will leave you and take half your stuff and the kids" (dont quote this last part, its probably a false dichotomy or something xd)

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