CMV: Putting aside cost, tax policies, implentation, etc. I believe Sanders' free college proposal is fixing a symptom, not the problem, of education in America. We should be focusing on fixing K-12, not making college free.

To focus on college for all gives parents a hope for their child. Therefore parents and children would feel that college can be in their future. If people in poor or middle class communities see those around them going to college or other post secondary education it will become the norm. College degrees are becoming the "new high school" degrees, but without the easily entry level into those schools.

I went to high school in a big city and we had magnet schools, and the ability to apply to go to other neighborhood schools. It was based on grades and standardized tests. My point being is that you can have a system still that rewards kids who do well, and still have college for all.

College is for everyone because most of the jobs require a college degree. You cannot say "college is not for everyone" because you saw some people fail. Everyone deserves a chance to obtain a college degree. More students would care in high school if they see a point to care and they see others benefiting from education.

Do we need to improve k - 12 schools? Yes, but not at the cost of college because some may drop out. Why? Because while trade schools are good they limit you much more than a college degree will. A bachelor's degree gives you more flexibility than a trade school program.

We are not going to regress into saying well a high school degree is enough. Trade schools aren't exactly the answer because look at all the manual labor jobs that don't pay as much anymore or have gone to other countries. In 20 years those jobs may not even be needed due to technology advancing. Promoting more education has never hurt a society. We opened up the first university in the United States, the University of Penn, because Ben Franklin new an educated society keeps us from being an unequal society. He wanted more than just clergymen to be educated, and we should aim for more than just those who can afford it to get an education.

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