CMV: The reason men ask women “are you on your period” is because a lot of women have used their period as an excuse to act differently with people.

I’m sorry to break it to you lmao but you don’t know me from my “post and comments”

I know you're someone who asks women if they're on their period, including a woman you admittedly didn't know very well. You asked me if she lacks social skills and I said no I don't think so. Sorry I didn't give you the answer you were looking for.

I wouldn’t expect you to know that I take my interactions with women very seriously so that I can eradicate any misogynistic tendencies which is why I brought it to this sub in specific, unless that’s completely gone over your head

If you want to eradicate any misogynistic tendencies why would you need to post to this sub in the first place? Women told you it was misogynistic before you posted it, why wouldn't you listen to them in the first place? Even in this post you say you don't understand how it's rude or misogynistic.

Again, other people have left comments you agreed with and you should reward them deltas. That's how this sub works.

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