CMV: Religion is still in society because it is taught and forced into children's brains.

Many religions don't picture spiritual elements in the form of a man in the sky telling everyone what to do through scriptures.

But the vast majority do, and they are usually the problem.

Translation: You are a Christian because you do not use your brain correctly. If you actually thought about it you would realize that atheism is the only true religion and that all religious people are not thinking correctly. Can we see why I'm offended yet?

I don't think it's quite that simple. I think when you've lived your whole life in a certain reality, it's not in our nature to be able to accept an alternate, completely contradicting one so easily. Most religious people do not spend their time pondering whether God exists - that is a given. The idea of God is as real to a religious person as their family members and friends. Evidence is irrelevant as they have also been taught that God needs no evidence - hence why belief in him is referred to as faith. That fact is just as much a part of their reality.

What religious people do, then, think about is how this given fact affects everything from the meaning of their existence to their personal morality. It plays an enormous part in shaping who they are. Challenging the idea of God or religion threatens to take away a large part of who they define themselves to be.

The same way I would not one day wake up and be convinced that there is a God despite the absence of evidence, I would not expect someone who has been religious his whole life to one day wake up and reject the idea of a God altogether over the words of a stranger. I am as convinced in my position as you are in yours.

If however, a child is never introduced to the idea of a God in the first place and his 'default' reality does not include a God, then no I do not think it would be easy to convince him of God's existence in the absence of evidence, as a matured, well educated adult.

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