CMV: This San Francisco Board of Education member is not racist for citing the truth.

Pretty much. Are their exceptions to the rule? Absolutely. Is systemic racism still a thing? Sure, but if you're a middle or upper class person of color you can overcome that and still attain a high school, college and graduate degree. I originally started looking into this not interested in race at all. I just wanted to know what was the best way to ensure my children's educational success.

Imagine my surprise when I found that because my wife and I waited until we were in our 30's and financially secure that our children already had a leg up. The fact that my wife and I make north of $250k a year is a better indicator of our children's success than their racial background. My kids have no excuse why they can't succeed. That's why Ms. Hsu's words pissed me off. Race has nothing to do with it. Poverty is the main reason children fail to achieve. They're hungry and stressed. Their home life is atrocious. They are in failing schools that simply push them on to the next grade. These are the reasons they can't keep up with their wealthier peers. Not because their families don't value education. Their families are struggling just survive. Especially in a city like San Francisco which has some of the highest living costs in the country.

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