CMV: Schools shouldn't avoid teaching kids about bad things (guns, drugs, sex, etc...)

Your view on guns helps the case of why firearm education needs to given to kids. Guns aren't toys, they're tools for hunting or defense. Just like other tools, some people are enthusiasts, and they collect and play. Many simply use the tool and practice from time to time. I only own a single rifle. I keep it by the bed for defense, and occasionally I take it out to a range and practice.

To your other point, most legislation is stupidly on rifles which kill less people per year than knives, bats, or even fists/bare hands (source: FBI). And to add to that, half the legislation is on usability of rifles. I'm 99% sure that making Californians hold their AR-15 like a rifle instead of a pistol has saved exactly zero lives. One law even makes it harder to unload a gun once it's loaded, which doesn't make them safer at all. Still, even if laws about getting guns were made tougher, criminals will still get them through friends/family who are willing to go through the steps. Most guns are obtained illegally via straw purchases. Anecdotally, I've personally known felons that have managed to get guns while on parole (meaning they bought the guns illegally on the black market, and kept it hidden from their parole officer despite getting checked up on).

So states can legislate all they want, but you're naive to think that taking away guns from regular citizens will do anything to hinder the criminal market. All that will create is people/households that are easier to rob/kill.

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