CMV: I should use a liquid based cleaning method to wipe my chocolate starfish instead of only using dry toilet paper or the equivalent.

I think when it comes to your view, the best view to have overall on bathroom hygiene choices is “you do what’s best for you and I’ll do what’s best for me”. As long as you do SOMETHING after a #2, and use hot soap and water to wash your hands thoroughly after every time you use the bathroom, personally, I’m satisfied.

While the majority of people can be classified as either overweight or obese, it is important for me to note that a) persons can achieve an overweight or obese body composition while consuming nutrient-dense, calorically-poor foods just as they can from consuming nutrient poor, calorically-dense foods b) many people can achieve a body composition within the “healthy” range while eating a poor diet and the overall composition of one’s diet (rather than their body composition) is what impacts the quality of their bowel movements.

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