CMV: I solely blame the current state of the Covid-19 pandemic in America on anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers.

The direction and force of the air flow currents would have a large effect on this but here is what I am referring to:

Assuming: no outlying air currents in the room, air is only traveling in one direction (away from the infected and to the plastic wall), perfect mixing after passing the wall.

Unmasked: when an unmasked individual exhales particles of around the size of 10-6 m to 10-9 m are released. Think of the air as an ocean wave and the viral particles as a beach ball. The air hits the surface of the glass container and acts as a barrier, larger particles 10-6 m will likely deposit on the wall, however those smaller particles need a larger force to be pushed to the walls and past the barrier of air. As the air moves around the divider the smaller particles travel with the air and are mixed into the air on the side of the divider opposite the infected. While this sounds great because the larger viral particles are deposited the more abundant smaller particles, which can still pass through gaps in the mask are floating around you all day. So the viral load is less but over an extended period of time can lead to infection nonetheless

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