CMV: Sometimes Domestic Violence Is Justified

That's merely a bad faith argument to give false justification to the idea that domestic violence can be rationalized as a corrective to the supposed power imbalance you're arguing for, even though just about every social theory on this concept concludes that the perpetrators have very specific characteristics like a deliberate lack of empathy and narcissistic behaviors used to manipulate the victim into believing that they brought that violent fate onto themselves.

Speaking of power imbalances, even If I conceded on this of "fight fire with fire" point, domestic violence would then still be a disproportionate reaction to psychological and mental turmoil according to your own logic. Essentially, from what you've argued, It should be that psychological abuse should be met with psychological abuse - no?

That's still an awful argument to entertain, but If we go a bit further their are really only two reasons I'm left to ponder on for why someone would resort to domestic violence according to the premise of your argument:

  1. As you have attempted to argue, It's a method intended to discipline an individual for actions the perpetrator deems unjust.
  2. It is a punitive form of justice, intended to force someone into submission.

When people become adults, they don't get beat with a switch and a belt anymore then they get reckless then take that shit into a relationship.

If that is true, then It should be fair game to consider both cases according to the criminal justice system and not just simply in personal relationships because your ultimate logic is that violence is justified as a means of discipline.

But in order for the ends to justify the means, the countries with the harshest correctional facilities should generally have the lowest number of relapses in criminal behavior - but as you probably expect, It's the opposite.

The United States is home to at least three of the word's worst prisons - Riker's Island, the Administrative Maximum Facility (ADX) and Alcatraz - and qualifies globally as a country with one of the highest rates of recidivism in 2021 alongside countries like China, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil and Nigeria with similarly terribly harsh prison experiences, whereas countries like Norway and Finland that structure their prison systems around rehabilitation have some of the lowest rates of recidivism.

Your argument ultimately lends itself to an empty truth. Their is no research that compounds your ideas that perpetrators commit physical abuse as a means to defend themselves from psychological turmoil in relationships. On the contrary, that's a primary delusion that leads to domestic violence in the first place - in fact a side effect is that victims of domestic violence absorb that same delusion. So if case 1 is wrong, you are either justifying all domestic violence or not at all, their is no in between.

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