CMV: This Subreddit is not about having one's views challenged, but reaffirmed.

Not really, people come here for the most part to have their views improved. Sure there are people that participate in bad faith, but from experience I can tell you that lots of people genuinely want to have their views challenged.

Of course nobody wants their views changed, not really. Changing your view is annoying especially if its a core belief, it requires lots of introspection to integrate it into your belief system (being afraid of this is called cognitive dissonance).

So of course people would rather have their views reaffirmed. Who doesn't want to have everything they believe in seem more correct? It makes you feel more confident, more certain. But the cost of strengthening your views means you have to be open to changing them in the first place. By being open to changing your views, and then not, you reaffirm them. People know this and often do get their views changed. Check out /r/DeltaLog if you don't believe me.

As for political stuff, check out the front page right now. Yeah politics is a frequent topic here, but I don't think much of it constitutes "snarky jabs" or whatever. We see conservative views followed by healthy debate here frequently.

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