CMV: Sunday morning is the best time to see a movie.

As a former concessions employee, I can tell you the food is on a constant rotation. Popcorn is made every 20 mins or so, butter and margarine are kept in the fridge overnight (one solidifies and one doesn't — they're both reheated), and hot dogs are put out sparingly over and over again. So...the food is made based on demand, which doesn't vary by day. We know that everyone wants popcorn, so it rarely "runs out." Kinda like fries at McD's...the demand is constant no matter what. But we also know that a handful of people want a hot dog, or want nachos with extra cheese....those things have been stored for a while and heated as needed. No matter what day of the week.

ANYWAY. My argument against Sunday morning or matinees is: they're the family/kids crowd. Even if you're not seeing the latest Pixar movie, the majority of people there are. Long concession lines, sticky floors, etc etc.

IIIRC, movies are released on Wednesdays and Fridays (save Xmas day). Wednesday and Thursday late shows are usually amazing — bonus points if you can find a 19+ theatre. No young kids bc it's a school night, no high school kids who go Fri and Sat, and you're avoiding the cheap night rush.

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