CMV: There can be and is some sexism from women towards men, while it is less common it is still not okay.

I would say these are sides of the same bad coin

women are good at child raising and men are not

Women who go to work instead of stay at home to raise babies are still looked down on some. It has gotten better, yes, but there is still room to improve. Likewise, it's a more acceptable option for men to be SAHDs now, but still a lot of room to improve.

men who show emotion are not "real men

And women who show too much emotion are "crazy" or "bitches". The stereotype that women are overemotional and men have no emotions is not good for either gender.

men are all horndogs and want sex in any shape or form they can get it

Some women really like sex and some don't. Some men really like sex and some don't. The idea that women are always succumbing to hypersexual men is again, not good for either gender. Both men and women can be good partners, and both men and women can be dangerous or manipulative.

By saying toxic masculine stereotypes exist, no one is denying that toxic feminine stereotypes exist too.

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