CMV: There is no reason to believe George Floyd would be alive if he weren’t black. This is a police brutality issue, not a race issue.

Here's my reasoning.

Look at the Police Shootings database:

Jan 1 2015 - present.

Total fatal police shootings:


Black: 1499

white: 2885

Total police shootings of unarmed people:

402 (6%).

White: 168

Black: 136

2% of all police shootings are unarmed black people.

So while it absolutely is disproportionate to the general population, it is NOT disproportionate when you control for number of arrests and crimes committed. It's clearly the case that young black men commit a disproportionate amount of violent crimes. I think systemic racism is the proximal cause of that, I don't blame them for that. If I grew up in their environment, I'd do it too.

The point is when you control for discrepancies in crimes committed, accept the fact that black people are over-policed, and look at overall crime/police contact statistics, there is no reason to believe that cops shoot innocent black people at a higher rate than other races.

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