CMV: there should be a saftey/self defense class in all schools worldwide.

There could never be a single, standard course for this. It should be up to national governments to implment these at needed. Lets examine two areas that paticularly demonstrate where why a worldwide course would be unfeasable:

A unit on basic survival skills. This unit would show students how to survive in the wild and in cities. This would be very helpful to those Because you never know when you'll need these skills.

The wilderness is totally different in accross the world. I live in Canada. Survival courses are going to be focused on dealing with the winter, and incidents like blizzards. Compare that to someone who lives in a arid environment, like say Egypt or the Australian Outback. They aren't going to have blizzards to deal with, but they need to survive heat.

As to the necessity of firearms training, that differs depending on country. Some countries like the UK or Japan have incredibly low rates of firearm ownership, making that kind of training a waste of time in those locations.

These kind of courses can't be created to suite the world. They would have to customized to the country they are in. A worldwide curriculum like you spell out here is simply unfeasible.

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